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You wake up every morning inspired by your cause.

Now, so will they.
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Launch your own Giggle search page in under a minute. Use Giggle to build a park for your neighborhood, to help cure blind children in Africa, or to unite your political constituency. Giggle helps communities take action.

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Box seats

Give your community an insider view into what your cause is up to. Post brief updates for your followers to see every time they search the web. Engage your following. Change the world.

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Cash flow

Once you sign up with Giggle, donations automatically start to roll in. As your followers search the web, they are awarded points. Points translate into money sent to you every week. If you have 10K followers on Giggle, you'll make about $30,000 a year.

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  • How does Giggle make money?

    Every time a user searches the web, companies spend money advertising. We are committed to giving at least 67% of our search revenue to causes. You wind up getting about .3 cents for every time that a user you invite searches with your Giggle page in the form of a weekly electronic payment.

  • How do I get my followers to make my Giggle page their browser homepage?

    Simply share a link, we have a very good conversion rate. Or, call them. For a limited time, we are donating $0.16 to your cause for every new user who tries Giggle (paid quarterly)!

  • How more question? Just respond to your email from Giggle!

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