Welcome to the world of Giggle

Giggling is what makes you human. Add Giggle to chrome, and your favorite cause automatically gets a micro-donation every time you search.

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How it works

Every time you search the web, advertisers pay to show you ads. With Giggle, a portion of that money you generate goes to your favorite cause, charity, or NGO.


Giggle is beautifully crafted. While other search engines distract you with random photos and irrelevant news items, our landing page is minimalistic.


Giggle respects your privacy. While other search engines keep all of your data for years (as a collateral in case they go bankrupt one day?), we don’t track your search data.


Giggle cares about humans more than data. We believe that a search engine isn’t just about crunching googles of clunky datasets. Our focus is on connecting humans, building civilization, and giggling.

Our Mission


As an NGO your main challenge is to connect in a real way with your audience. Giggle keeps your message from being drowned out.

In order for non profits to get anything done, they need money. With Giggle, if your cause has 30K followers, you could make $90,000 a year.


With Giggle NGOs are given a great tool to raise funds for their cause, they'll not be asking their supporters for money donations this time but to Giggle for good.


  • Giggle is completely free for both users and causes, since our funds come from our partners at Yahoo.
  • Giggle Premium for NGOs, charities, and causes includes 9-5 (EST) support, help setting up a Giggle page, and help generating buzz around it. First two months are free.
  • Q: How does Giggle make money?

    By displaying ads.

  • Q: How does Giggle decide which cause to give the money to?

    Each user chooses where the money generated from their searches should go.

  • Q: How?

    By going to the unique url of your favorite cause (ie.https://gigglesearch.org/redcross) or by using our (coming soon) cause finder. If your favorite cause does not yet have a page, reach out to them and tell them to join! First, email josh@gigglesearch.org and tell us you’re about to invite them, and we’ll send you a cool 2% of everything that the ad revenue that the NGO raises for the first year. That’s a lot of free money :-)

  • Q: Why is this search engine called Giggle?

    Only humans Giggle, and we wanted to create a search engine that focused more on humans than on data.

  • Q: How long does it take an NGO to set up a Giggle page?

    One minute. Literally.

  • Q: How many people are on your team?


  • Q: How much does Giggle cost for NGOs?

    It’s free.

  • Q: How much money does a cause make annually?

    We aim for $3 a year, which is about 67% of our projected ad-revenue stream.

  • Q: Does Giggle work as well as other search engines?

    Yup, and soon it will be far better. Say tuned ;-)

  • Q: Would people really Giggle to support our cause?

    It takes a second to click “add to chrome”. Once this is done, every single new tab they open reminds them of the cause they love, and every search donates. To learn more about getting your cause a Giggle page, click here, or email josh@gigglesearch.org